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Clearswift content security products are developed to protect against electronic threats to a company's network and business integrity, both external and internal. By scanning emails, Web transfers and Intranet communications, Clearswift MIMEsweeper™ works in harmony with existing security measures such as Anti-Virus to detect and prevent inappropriate, offensive or malicious content entering, circulating and leaving an IT system.

CS MIMEsweeper™ for Web

CS MIMEsweeper™ for Web is the most powerful and comprehensive Web filtering solution available today. It enables organizations to implement and enforce a Web usage policy to control content downloaded from and uploaded to the Web. CS MIMEsweeper™ for Web works in tandem with firewall and anti-virus solutions to provide a comprehensive security solution that guards against breaches in confidentiality and other threats such as damage to reputation, lost productivity, pornography, theft of data, legal liability, degradation in service and data corruption.

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CS MAILsweeper™ for SMTP

CS MAILsweeper™ for SMTP analyzes incoming and outgoing email at the Internet gateway, allowing organizations to implement and manage security policies to block inappropriate emails, comply with legal requirements, and increase user productivity. CS MAILsweeper™ for SMTP screens emails based on source, content and destination. Emails entering and leaving the organization at the SMTP gateway are transparently subjected to filtering, monitoring and reporting.


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CS MAILsweeper™ Anti-spam Solution

CS MAILsweeper™ Anti-spam Solution allows organizations to build their own anti-spam profile that becomes as personal to their company as the people who work for it. It combines three technologies to create a 'knowledge engine' - software that learns as it protects the organization. Any incoming emails that match the latest spam profiles immediately trigger the anti-spam policy, effectively blocking unsolicited email on sight.

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CS MIMEsweeper Email Appliance

Tough on email threats. Easy on administrators.

‘Plug ‘n’ play’ was a great promise when email security appliances came along. Unfortunately, the truth was more like ‘Plug & configure & set up & tweak & update & maintain & call tech support’.

The MIMEsweeper Email Appliance is different. Because we started with a blank slate and created the email security appliance that our 15,000 customers asked for: a zero-compromise solution with ease-of-use in its DNA.

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