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ScriptLogic Corporation, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, is a leader in network administration software for Microsoft Windows-based networks. ScriptLogic solutions virtually eliminate administration errors, shrink overhead and manage system updates faster and more efficiently - improving enterprise productivity and freeing scarce IT resources to be applied to more business-critical tasks.
Active Directory security, Group Policy Management, AD auditing and reporting featuring offline GPO repository and AD object-level backup/restore
Archive Manager enables you to capture, index, search and archive Exchange messages and attachments. Reduce Exchange storage costs, meet compliance demands and simplify email quota management.
BridgeTrak Suite, an industry leading help desk software solution, has been helping companies increase customer service satisfaction levels for over 10 years. Recognized for its outstanding feature to price ratio, BridgeTrak offers seamless trouble ticket tracking for reducing the entire life cycle of an issue.
Desktop Authority comprehensively manages the Windows desktop throughout the desktop lifecycle, reducing the total cost of desktop and application ownership by enabling administrators to proactively manage, inventory, secure and support desktops from a central location.
Desktop Authority® Image Center simplifies the process of imaging the initial Windows operating system onto a PC at the start of the desktop lifecycle, making it ready for further configuration of applications, patches, service packs, preferences and user settings on that desktop throughout the lifecycle via Desktop Authority or any other desktop management solution.
Desktop Authority MSI Studio™ is a software packaging and application installer management solution optimized for use by system administrators. It has a complete set of features to capture, create and edit Windows Installer (MSI) files, perfect for handling legacy software installations or controlling the behavior of Windows Installer packages. In addition, the Pro edition allows you to test and validate packages without affecting production systems.
Desktop Authority® Password Self-Service™ provides an easy-to-use, robust system for allowing users to reset their own forgotten passwords or locked accounts, eliminating the biggest source of help desk calls. The flexible, policy driven system allows administrators to define the type and number of questions that must be answered, and to tailor the requirements to the department or group.
Desktop Authority® Remote Management Gateway reduces the cost of providing support to local and remote workers with secure, centralized, web-based remote management and remote control. Desktop Authority® Remote Management Gateway provides anytime management of computers on the LAN and across the Internet, extending the reach of the IT help desk.
The Enterprise Security Reporter™ platform features agent-less, fast, comprehensive discovery and reporting solutions for file security, group memberships, Active Directory, printers, file shares and other security settings on Windows file servers, SharePoint servers, and SQL Servers. Enterprise Security Reporter™ is essential for administrators burdened with compliance reporting and security audits, automating reporting and simplifying analysis.
File System Auditor™ allows administrators to audit file access, generate easy-to-understand compliance reports, and create alerts tied to file system events all from a centralized management console. File System Auditor protects sensitive information by reporting attempts to access and modify files and folders, with who did it and when.
LiteSpeed™ for SQL Server is the industry leading SQL Server backup and recovery solution. LiteSpeed’s™ high performance compression technologies reduce archive sizes up to 95%, reducing storage costs and backup/recovery times, while maintaining complete control over the backup and recovery process. Simply define your backup targets, compression levels, and other settings, then drive scheduled backups or on-demand backups using the command-line interface.
Patch Authority™ Ultimate, ScriptLogic’s comprehensive, enterprise-class patch management solution, prevents attacks and exploits through centralized control of updates on all Windows desktops and servers. Patch Authority Ultimate’s rich interface and extensive feature set deploys the latest patches in a few simple steps to all desktop and servers, local and remote.
Secure Copy™ is a powerful and comprehensive data migration solution that automates the copying of data between Windows NT/2000/2003 servers without agents or scripts. It is the perfect solution for networks that are migrating from NT4, consolidating file servers or moving to a NAS/SAN solution.
The Security Explorer® platform provides powerful, real-time interactive management of access controls and security on Microsoft servers and workstations. Security Explorer gives the IT professional the power to manage, search, duplicate, backup and recover permissions and security across the network from a single centralized console


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