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Small and medium-sized businesses can achieve greater success by using the power of the Internet as long as they fortify their networks against the security threats alone with a greater online presence.
However, threats evolve, and so should our vision. Many security issues we're dealing with today were unheard of a few years ago. We did have virus, worm and e-mail spamming problems years back; but how about IM (instant messenger such as MSN), P2P (peer-to-peer file sharing), spyware and phishing?

In fact, these are exactly the top headaches to conscious IT managers nowadays:
Virus and worms: damage computer infrastructures;
IM and P2P: cause productivity loss and even legal troubles
Non-business Web surfing, spyware and phishing: leak sensitive, valuable personal and corporate information;
Spam mails: contaminate legitimate messages; even cripple corporate servers.


ZyXEL security products come with the following key advantages:
Provides Maximum Level of Security: With Anti-Virus (AV), Anti-Spam (AS), Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP), as well as Content Filtering (CF) capabilities plus field-proven firewall features, the ZyWALL UTM family is currently the most powerful approach to alleviate security problems for IT managers.

Well-known Reputation: ZyXEL's ZyWALL 70 named "Best of 2004" by SC Magazine.

Incomparable Flexibility for Diverse Applications: wide-ranging models for different size of deployment with flexible, configurable interfaces for dynamic security policy.

Most Easy-to-use, Purpose-Built Security Appliance: intuitive, straight-forward web configurator for device management and supports robust centralized management system - dramatically reduces the management overhead.

Best Price/Performance: High performance under load, free firmware upgrade. In brief, customers can get more value for less IT budget.
By choosing ZyXEL security solutions for SMB, you can confidently implement the business applications you need without draining budgets, bandwidth, or IT staff.

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